Right wing vs Left wing 2017


So many people are on one side of the other when it comes to immigration, abortion, healthcare, guns, capitalism, prostitution, drugs, the constitution, and freedom.  Let me break it down for those of you who want to become a moderate for real.  You don’t have to say your on the right or the left.  I can’t stand too far to the left nor can I stand too far to the right…. it’s simple.

People on the right…People on the left…. listen up.

Abortion– The Right wing says no abortion. The Left Wing says women should have a right to choose or abort.

I agree more with the right on this one …. but read people read!  Women who get raped can choose to get an abortion.  But… I think it’s less than 1% of the abortions are because of rape.  Why are there so many abortions??? Less than 1% of all abortions take place because of rape and/or incest. I read this on many many sites.  But its less than 1%!!!  Also, Women who have never been married account for one-third of abortions in America.

• 21% Inadequate finances
• 21% Not ready for responsibility
• 16% Woman’s life would be changed too much
• 12% Problems with relationships, unmarried
• 11% Too young and/or immature
• 8% Children are grown; she has all she wants
• 3% Baby has possible health problems
• <1% Pregnancy caused by rape/incest
• 4% Other

If a woman gets raped then they should be allowed to have an abortion.  But…. Look at the statistics!!!! I know first hand women who had multiple abortions because they wanted to have sex all over the place with multiple guys and they figured… hey, I don’t need the pill, i’ll just go get an abortion.  I don’t agree with it.  There should be some regulations put on abortion.  Major regulations but not abolish it completely.  I raised my son as a single father and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.  Hands down.  It made me think about how abortion can be a copout.  If I can suffer through hard times to raise the child I produced… so can you…  little spoiled brat from the suburbs who bent over the kitchen table too many times for too many guys.  Birth control pills baby!!

Immigration–  Right says get rid of everyone… Left says keep everyone

I agree with neither.   Breath people breath.  I agree more with the left on this issue.  Americans want to use the Hispanic illegal immigrants for yard work and toilet cleaning but not to give them rights.  We have to let people stay who are law abiding citizens.  Throw the drug dealers and murderers out and protect the borders.  Then start letting good Hispanics from Mexico in without having them jump the border because they can’t get a visa.  Good ones in… bad ones out.  simple as that.

We have to get control of the borders though.  We need to be lenient on the good ones that are already here bc kicking out kids that were brought here at 8 years old is inhumane. We can’t have people come in, get on welfare, food stamps and suck off the system though either.  So, let’s come up with a plan to secure the borders,  then deal with the people who are here illegally already…in a descent way. … and move forward.   I know the Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans are hard working people… but we have to have a lot of control over our borders… if we don’t eventually our country will go to shit.  I think that’s going to happen anyway because of the money printing but that’s for another blog post.

Don’t call me racist either.  Find out who I’m married to before you make that ignorant call. I am really sick of the left using the “racist” card.  It makes them look dumb.  State facts.

And the right… Stop being so stiff. Everything’s not black and white. There are a  lot of grey areas.  Your making yourselves look like a pole is up your ass.

Guns–    We need hand guns for protection.  The drug dealers and bad people are going to be able to purchase guns forever.  We need the good people to have them also to counter act the bad people.  We don’t need uzi’s and AK47’s.  We also need guns so the government doesn’t overthrow us.  Read the constitution.

I agree with the right… we need some guns.

I agree with the left…. assault rifles are for maniacs.

Healthcare–  simple.  Everyone deserves healthcare.  But the people who smoke, sit around eating chips and candy should be provided public healthcare aka Medicaid or shitty care.  Take the 20 million who aren’t poor but have pre existing conditions and come up with a Healthcare plan to give to them that works.

Obamacare tried to help everyone… but it really did hurt the middle class and small business.

Trumpcare–  Don’t act like rich corporate pricks and do the exact opposite and have people uninsured… but also don’t make hard working middle class people pay more for others.

Business–  We live in a capitalist society.  Government should not make business do things they don’t want to do unless it is hurting other people.

I’m sorry but I hate the Pharma companies for charging outlandish rates fro drugs… I think theyre scum but it is freedom and business.  It’s their choice.  The government shouldnt tell them they have to charge less.

If the government wants cheaper drugs then set up a government laboratory and research new drugs and give the people those drugs for cheap prices.   Capitalist society people.  If you want the government to make drugs affordable…. then the government has to fund the research and development.

Problem is-  Taxes will go up.  I’m sorry left wingers but you don’t want to pay more taxes, or do you? I don’t know.

I have to agree with both parties on this issue

Right-  Let business be business… I agree

Left-  Have the government fund projects to get cheap healthcare and cheap drugs.

My thoughts are:

I agree with  freedom.  I agree with Ron Paul about most topics.  I was a Libertarian for many years and still agree with most of their views…. not all of them.

I think the government should stay the hell out of my life and let me do what I want.  Call me a Libertarian if you want because I believe in prostitution and legalized street drugs.  The reason?  There is prostitution and drugs all over the place and no regulation for the women and drug addicts.  Make the whores take HIV tests, let the free market and government get paid through the tax money for drugs instead of the mafia and underground cartels.  Regulate the hell out of these things and let people be responsible for themselves.  I don’t even use drugs and I could find Heroin in 15 minutes! Legalize and regulate.

picture up top take from https://americainchains2009.wordpress.com/tag/right-wing-vs-left-wing/

I don’t support this site nor did I read the article.  I used their pic and I’m giving them credit for it.


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